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Drake - the technical details
Drake is a digital film camera system for recording high quality movies suitable for big screens. These movies are not distinguishable from celluloid film.

The following technical details refer to the protoype model 1.2 that will not go into series production. The new specifications will be published here, soon.



Technical overview:


295 x 100 x 190 mm (11,6" x 3,9" x 7,5")
incl. camera head



4,5 kg
(with Drake Drive, 7" view finder. matte box, supporting rods and rechargeable battery, without lens)


2/3“ HD CMOS sensor with full frame shutter
(1/48 preset, adjustable up to 1/1000. If you change the shutter speed you should calibrate new presets)



1280 x 720 square pixel (720p) - true resolution, not interlaced or anamorphly jolted

Frame rates

24 / 25 full frames (progressive) per second, quartz precise



In a camera specific RAW format on Drake Drive removable hard disk (approx. 50 minutes capacity, with hard drive mobile rack)

A 10bit lookup table and a 8bit data stream are recorded in real time. An export program converts the RAW data to 8bit or 10bit single frame sequences or video files (uncompressed or packed with "losless avi codec"). The typical data rate of the uncompressed export video streams with 8bit color depth and 24 frames: 66 megabyte/sec. and 528 megabit/sec. respectively.

Recording time

Approx. 50 minutes with the "Drake Drive" removable hard disk.



2/3“ lenses with cmount adapter.

We have compiled an assortment of brilliant and inexpensive lenses suitable for cinema purposes, which we recommend using togehter with the Drake camera. Generally ALL lenses can be adapted on request.


  • Compact design for professional use, robust body made of light metal.
  • The camera head is mechanically separable from the body and comes with a 10 meter extension cable.
  • Focus pulling device for left- and right-hand assembly.
  • A 16:9 matte box with filter holder and French Flag.
  • Ergonomic operating unit, detachable and by cable independently usable apart from the camera body (optimized workflow in teams with camera assistants / focus puller or crane shots / steadycam shots, etc.).
  • Electric back-focus (remote controlled, with memory function, additionally turns every lens into a macro lens on request).
  • Manually adjustable picture parameter (gamma curve, blacklevel, gain etc.) can be saved and accessed as any number of presets.
  • Digital calibration tool to optimize your own presets (gamma curves, gain, etc.) and to eliminate picture problems (e.g. noise).
  • 2 parallel display devices are simultaneously possible, e.g. view finder and HD monitor or standard monitor (PAL) and HD monitor. The HD picture and the scaled PAL picture are displayed in real time.
  • Electronic clapper board (red frames are recorded, sync beep).
  • Timecode
  • Playback module with clip browser and playback in variable rate.
  • User-friendly menu navigation and a variety of editable and indicatable functions. Inter alia:
    • Scene, position and take number (with automatic continuation)
    • Real time histogram
    • Zebra
    • Digital zoom (to controll the focus)
    • Digital single frame memory (as an overlay picture, movable – e.g. useful for repeating shots for finding the exact start positions, or to eliminate continuity mistakes or to provide assistance for the make-up and art direction department).
    • "Control brightness enhancer ": The picture can be brightended when the shutter is closed to control whether there are unwanted elements in the picture which aren't visible with the given settings but maybe recorded.
  • The features are software controlled. Updates as well as upgrades to the system can simply be implemented with a memory stick.

Power supply

Integrated NP-1 (lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 1h running time) or external 12 volt source

Included in delivery

  • Camera, with a Drake Drive (50 minutes recording capacity) in the hard drive mobile rack
  • 16:9 7 “ view finder monitor
  • 16:9 matte box with French Flag
  • Focus pulling device for left- and right-hand assembly
  • Supporting rods
  • Power supply unit
  • Cables
  • Rechargeable battery with fast charging set
  • Solid transportation case

Optional accessory

  • Lenses
  • Calibrated HD monitors
  • HD view finder
  • Docking station for Drake Drives
  • As well as a continuously growing assortment of system components, which are harmonized with the Drake workflow. E.g. camera hovering system, crane, LED spotlights, etc.




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